I will be providing a 15-30 minute guided meditation and breathwork where we will pick a topic to discuss every week that incorporates a healing modality, journal work, and education related to inner guidance and reconnecting to self. The meditation and class will be about an hour long. We will discuss topics like grounding, the importance of self-care, mental health and emotions, the laws of the universe, the importance of inner work, support and grief, consciousness and ego, etc.

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Address: Elkhorn, WI, USA (Map)




Meditation classes will vary dates and times. Please contact me via email or text message to plan accordingly. We will have a sign-up sheet via email or at the location of the event. Bring your mug and get a free cup of tea for your class. Bring a comfy blanket or mat to sit on. We can accommodate all needs for this meditation. If you need to lay down or sit on a couch or chair this is possible. This is a child free event as we really want to encourage everyone to take one hour to themself to find peace within and provide some self-care during this time of chaos in our society. Bring a pen and paper for after meditation to take notes.