Journey to Healing
Hello all,

My name is Katie. I am a mother, wife, and spiritual intuitive. I currently work as a Nurse at a Labor & Delivery & Postpartum unit in Elkhorn, WI. I also have a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Carroll University. Using my educational background and my passion to heal I hope to help the collective work through transitional phases in all spans of life incooporating energy work, holistic healing modalities, ceremonial rituals, and good ole fashion communication.

I am a certified Birth/Postpartum and End of Life Doula looking to support your family through the most empowering journeys in this life. Birth and death are the most sacred portals to protect and I am here to hold space and bring ease during these transitions. Free consultations are available upon request.

I am also a certified Reiki Practioner who wants to help clear energy, induce relaxation, and heal wounds that need to be released. I can use Reiki energy to engage your chakras and maintain balance and flow in a calm and freeing space.

I have my sound healing certification and offer this as an option to help move energy during our sessions if needed. I also have a Reiki Crystal Infrared Healing Mat that assists in healing your body on the cellular level.

I offer smudging/ Reiki cleansing for your home to help clear or move the stagnant or negative energies.

I can travel to you or you can visit me at Friends On The Square for consulations with Doula work, Reiki treatments, meditations and cleansings.